That’s why you should never come back from vacation on a Monday.

After just one day in the office, you feel like you’re on holiday again? A health expert will give you tips on how to get into your everyday work life more stress-free.

Only those who have been on holiday for longer will come back really relaxed. But recovery can evaporate quickly if the transition to working life is too abrupt. “After a longer holiday, employees should return to work as gently as possible,” explains health scientist Maria Schumann. In the t3n interview, the Berlin woman advises that more than one night should always be planned between a trip and the first working day. “Who comes on Sunday from Bali and must on Monday again into the office must, hardly concentrated and motivated to the tasks go , arrange it.

A time buffer of two to three days is advisable to arrive, unpack the suitcases and get back to everyday life. This would prevent the recovery from immediately falling victim to an unpleasant feeling of stress and pressure. In addition, it is advisable not necessarily to start on a Monday, but rather on a Wednesday. “Thus the week is shorter and the weekend faster in sight , explains Maria Schumann. Employees would thereby ensure that they did not immediately go back into the red zone, but would have the opportunity to slowly pick up speed.

By the end of the week, employees will also be able to get back on their feet more easily. A bulging e-mail inbox is often the rule, especially after a long holiday. It is therefore advisable to leave the absence note in the e-mail client for external messages one or two days longer in order to obtain comprehensive information about the past weeks. “This keeps customers at a distance for the time being and gives them the opportunity to process the last few days internally for the time being,” explains the Berliner. This warm-up phase is important in order not to fall into strenuous multitasking.

In her opinion, employees should always use the first few working days after a longer holiday to gain a comprehensive overview of the tasks at hand and not immediately enter the daily routine. A plan sorted according to importance and urgency, which ensures that tasks can either be processed personally, delegated to other colleagues or completely backed up, helps. “Anyone who comes out of vacation and has the feeling of losing their head immediately will immediately see any recovery disappear again,” says Maria Schumann. A smooth start is more advisable.