Chatbot supports Facebook employees

Facebook provides its employees with a chat bot for the holidays, which provides ready-made answers to critical questions of kinship to the company. These are based on Facebook’s guidelines. This way, no employee can talk away.

Facebook employees who are exposed to critical questions from their relatives during the holidays now receive help from the company: The online network programmed a chatbot for them that provides answers to the company line. “Our employees keep asking for information they can use with friends and family on topics that were on the news, especially around the holidays,” a Facebook spokeswoman told the New York Times. The softwareNow informing has been tested since spring. Chatbots are programs that can automatically deliver ready-made answers in a conversation.

For example, when asked what Facebook is doing against hate speech, SoftwareJetzt lists the following points: The online network consulted with experts on the topic that it had hired more employees to delete the content and was working on artificial intelligence to track down such content. Overall, regulation is important on the issue, concludes the ChatbotMessenger, successfully using the New York Times, concluding his remarks.

Liam Bot

The software called “Liam Bot” was filled with answers by Facebook’s PR department and also provides links to blog entries and press releases, they said. The online network has come under repeated criticism in recent years, among other things for the data scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica, the spread of hate speech and falsified news, and for its role as a platform for propaganda from Russia in the 2016 US presidential election campaign.

In addition to answers to sensitive questions, the chatbot also provides help with practical problems that relatives or friends can have, the newspaper wrote. For example, how to take website optimization step by step if you lose access to your Facebook account after resetting your password.