Three brilliant social media campaigns: Learning from Bosch, Samsung and Apple

How to plan the perfect social media campaign? Here you will find three brilliant examples and a guide for your own digital campaign.

What first? Of course, you should know your target group, choose the right platforms and continuously optimize the campaign with strong reporting templates. But often there is still a dash of creativity missing to get things rolling. Here you will find three excellent implementations.

Bosch with #LikeABosch – IoT for everyone

The Internet of Things (IoT) has not yet really reached many end users. The essential question of the people was: What does that bring me? Until Jung van Matt created the Hashtag campaign #LikeABosch for Bosch and staged the advantages of the Internet of Things products of the household appliance giant in an extremely casual way.

The hash day was shared 13,900 times on the Social Web (January to October 2019), with less than one percent negative comments. Half of the tweets and posts came from Germany, almost a fifth from the USA, another important sales market for Bosch.

Does this generate more sales? Hard to say. But it certainly helped the brand awareness for Bosch as a product supplier for the future Smarthome enormously. The video already has almost 25 million views. In September 2019, the creators followed up the campaign with another Bosch move and released a new home coming video.

Samsung with #DoWhatYouCant – classic influencer marketing

Classic influencer marketing no longer works? It does for Samsung. The campaign began at the end of 2018, but has continued to this day due to its success. Basically they want to surprise with the functions of the Samsung smartphones or focus on the language assistant Bixby in the Smarthome.

Samsung invested heavily in classic influencer marketing, working with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, ski racer Marcel Hirscher and artificial influencer Lil Miquela, among others. Hence the Social Buzz: 31,100 times the Hashtag appeared in the social media in 2019 (January to October).

The realization? Above all, a campaign hash day must be universally valid. Samsung does not have #DoWhatYouCant exclusive – Adobe, Audi, Nikon and others also use it – but it is most associated with it (39 percent of mentions).

Apple Mac with #YouOwnIt – 2.3 billion views on Tiktok

It is possibly the most widespread advertising so far on Tiktok: 2.3 billion views recorded the videos on the hashtag #YouOwnIt on the social video platform. Behind this is a campaign by the Hamburg agency Pulse Advertising for the cosmetics company Mac.

This was an example of the influencer Anna O’Brien, better known as “Glitter and Lazers”. She was one of many content creators that Mac hired for the campaign. The goal? To make the cosmetics brand better known in the GenZ. After all, 69 percent of Tiktok users are younger than 25.

What do you learn here? Branded Hashtag Challenges can only be found in this form on Tiktok. The principle is always the same: A more or less creative video idea is provided with a hash tag and accompanied by a song. The call should then ensure as many similar videos as possible, with the hash tag and audio track remaining the same.

So how do you create your own strong social media campaign?

Social media monitoring can make the difference here. You don’t just find strong hashtags before they go viral. Campaigns can also be measured in real time and thus constantly optimized. And even a creative campaign idea can be found through content-related social listening.