Start in E-Commerce: In 5 steps from the idea to the finished Business

You have a business idea that you want to realize? Have you found or produced suitable products, evaluated your target groups and defined clear goals? Then it’s time to take the final step and prepare the launch of your online shop.

Shopify’s 5-point plan helps you keep a cool head until you can finally share your ideas with the world:

1. prepare your online marketing channels

social media
You already know that without marketing even the most beautiful shop will not be successful. That’s why you should start now to think about your channels. For many, social media is the key to generating reach. This is also shown by retailers like Generation YES. The Berliners sell household appliances via their Shopify store, which they promote video-based on social media in a refreshed teleshopping manner.

Create an account on both Facebook and Instagram to secure your company name in time. Continuity on all social media channels and use the same logos and consistent designs.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is demonstrably the most effective measure for high conversions, so that should be part of the strategy. First choose your email marketing tool. Here it is important which e-commerce platform you will use. The SaaS shop system Shopify, for example, offers various e-mail options with direct integration. Prepare templates for your first campaigns and design welcome emails.

Search engine optimization
Before you set up your shop, you need to research your keywords. Use the results of your keyword research and show Google and Co which keywords are relevant and what your website is about. If you place relevant keywords with a high search volume correctly, this increases your chances of appearing in search engine result lists when prospective customers search for certain terms. Your visibility increases considerably.

2. prepare landing page

Next, you will build a landing page that will serve to pick up potential customers before the shop launch. It introduces your brand and gives the pre-launch audience first insights into what’s coming. But the most important aspect is that you can fill your email list with people who are interested in your products and want to know more about the brand.

3. create an online shop

Your base is up. Now comes your heart – the online shop. You should consider the following:

  • the choice of the right theme for your shop
  • the general shop design
  • product photography
  • the product descriptions
  • the addition of apps

Out-of-the-box shop systems are ideal for this because they can offer you an all-round carefree package. Shopify is one of these systems. The cloud-based shop system offers you over 70 professional themes with which you can create your shop responsively. You can easily add desired functions with apps and also don’t have to worry about hosting and updates!

Generation YES, the winners of the Shop Usability Award 2019, also rely on Shopify. “We just wanted to finally have a working shop. Shopify made it easier for us. This shop system is ideal for making your own customizations, experimenting and implementing your own ideas,” says Matthias Berchtold, founder of Generation YES.

4. create a shipping strategy

Your shipping strategy is an integral part of your e-commerce business. Important factors to consider include:

  • Packaging options and materials
  • which transport company you use
  • Transport times and costs

Think about how you can reconcile the packaging with your values. Do you want to use your own cartons to build a brand, act sustainably or keep your customers more loyal?

5. launch with a big bang

Everything’s up, now you can show the world what you’ve created. The best way to start your business is with a bang, e.g. a competition, a discount campaign for the release or free shipping. Inform your collected fans and subscribers of your email lists about your launch and make your products available in Instagram- and Facebook-Shops. By the way, Shopify makes it easy. Think about whether you’d like to get in touch with publications or work with influencers.